Kale conquering high brush

Roaming Goats - Videos of Capra Diem Goats Enjoying Life!

Pasture Beauty in late summer

Goats love to follow - a walk

mixing Capra Diem goats with

Flower Moon goats - fun!

One of the true pleasures of owning goats is seeing them enjoy browsing the vegetation.  Goats like Nigerian Dwarf Goats get much of their nutrition from trees and shrubs and weeds and only graze grasses in early spring and late fall. For this reason, we have numerous overgrown pastures fenced AND a lovely amount of wooded acres that the goats can explore and eat on walks with us. We try to aim them into the areas containing a lot of invasive plants like buckthorne, roses, poison ivy, bittersweet, stinging nettles, raspberries and more. Enjoy our videos seeing the goats in action!  Click on pics to view the different videos.

       Capra Diem Farm is now for lease!! 

Goats in the woods - little piranhas

Fall browsing of bittersweet